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All Round

Guests at All Ways Garden Hotel & Leisure have the chance to enjoy, free of charge, a premier fitness centre, renowned in city of Rome and operated with care and attention to detail by the experienced management of All Round SSDRLAll Round fitness centre is located only 8 km from our hotel: a quick drive in your car (shuttle service priced upon request).

Tennis courts

8 tennis courts (5 clay courts and 3 synthetic indoor courts)

Fully equipped top-of-the-line Gym floor

1 fully equipped top-of-the-line Gym floor with cardio theatre; area for isotonic Tehnogym training, Kinesis modules and equipments for proprioreceptive training and functional training; stretching and floor exercise area with tatami, Flexability equipment and Pancafit.

Fitness rooms

3 Fitness rooms for group activities

Cross training outdoor area

1 Cross training outdoor area dedicated to functional training

Indoor Cycling room

1 Indoor Cycling room equipped with 20 bikes

Studio for Mind Body programming

such as Pilates and Yoga

Swimming pools

3 swimming pools: one 7-lanes 25-metres indoor pool for Lap Swim, one indoor pool for water workouts and Aqua Cycling, one outdoor pool with garden to enjoy and chill-out during the long summer season in Rome.

Indoor pool

All Ways Garden Hotel & Leisure guests are welcome to access the indoor pool for lap swims.

Kids aged 6 to 16 accessing the pool must be accompanied by an adult.


Monday to Friday 7:00 – 15:00 20:00 – 22:00
Saturday 13:00 20:00
Sunday 09:00 20:00


Making time for oneself after a long day at work and being free to pick and choose your own type and pitch of active leisure: withover 240 hours of programming and activities for every style and level of fitness, All Round makes it possible!
Reservation for tennis courts, indoor bikes, water bikes and city bikes can be made at All Ways Garden Hotel & Leisure front desk where our guests can also find the programming with all complimentary activities.


Conveniently located in our fitness centre, our relax area is the right place where our guests can revitalize and restore.

The new spa opened on december 2017


The Sauna is characterized by dry air heated to a temperature of 60/90 degrees. It promotes sweating and purification of the body, helping to improve the feeling of well-being.

Steam Room

Saturated with aromatic warm / humid air, at a temperature of 40 ° / 60 °, which allows the elimination of all impurities in the skin, the steam room, alternating jets of cold water, tones and strengthens the tissues, improving blood circulation.

Jacuzzi hot tubs

In our spacious tub, live the whirlpool experience while sitting, lying down or if you prefer standing up. Enjoy a relaxing bath that behind our waterfall will create a wonderful aquatic sound.


Discover the invigorating effects of our frigidarium. A pool of water at low temperature in which immerse yourself after a sauna or a Turkish bath, able to bring the body back to temperature and enjoy great circulatory benefits. A workout for the skin and capillaries, which thanks to the processes of vasodilatation, they will get new vitality.

Emotional Shower

Let go not only your body, but also your mind, in the fantastic experience of the emotional shower. A multi-sensory experience that will envelop you, cuddling all your senses. The various intensities and temperatures of the water jets will be accompanied by a cascade of sounds and colors that will contribute to achieving mental and physical well-being.

Kneeip Route

Do you accuse tiredness, swelling or heaviness of the lower limbs? The Kneipp treatment, thanks to its hydrotherapy, is what you need to fight them. Using to the alternation of heat and cold water in the two pools, by simply walking, you will undergo the skin to contraction and dilation. The benefits for the circulatory system are great.

Let’s meet All Round

Please visit All Round website for opening hours (including relax area), sport and fitness programming, events and news, closing times.