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9 Mar


Dear guest,

In thanking you for choosing All Ways Hotel Garden & Leisure for your next stay in Rome, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you the information relating to the security measures implemented by our structure to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

In the months that preceded the restart we worked with commitment and dedication so that our guests could return to our facility feeling safe and fully enjoy not only our services, but the entire stay in All Ways.

To do this, we decided to completely sanitize our hotel, to study and apply new cleaning standards and safety protocols, to introduce new technologies for cleaning and sanitizing common areas, individual rooms and food & beverage areas.

Once you arrive in All Ways, you will find that in all areas of our hotel we have placed an internal traffic signage. Where possible we have separated the paths and indicated the spaces for the service, the seats and the safety distances. Our invitation is to follow them and, as regards the movements from your room to the reception and the breakfast room, to use the external path.

Compared to the past, we have intensified the cleaning operations that will always be carried out in a careful and profound way, using specific products and in line with the most recent regulations on the matter.

Before the arrival of each new guest, each room will be completely sanitized thanks to the use of new machinery capable of reducing the bacterial load of the environment and surfaces to zero.

The rooms for catering services have been reorganized for maximum distances and capacities. The counters and areas for the dishes have been made safe thanks to the installation of plexiglass separators.

We want to inform you that our staff has been carefully trained to deal with the ongoing emergency. He will take care to enforce the regulations and protocols that we have implemented and will be ready to help you in case you need it.

Certain of the quality of our work, we spontaneously chose to submit to the controls of an accredited certification body which, in the next few days, will issue us with the VIRUS SHIELD certificate, a certification of compliance with the standards envisaged for our business.

We want to thank you in advance for the collaboration that you will demonstrate in respecting all the protocols provided, starting by always wearing a mask, respecting distances and frequently sanitizing your hands using the sanitizing gel that you can find in all areas of the All Ways Hotel.

Waiting to receive you, we enclose to this communication a detailed infographic of some procedures (of which we kindly ask you to read) and the self-certification form, necessary to access the facility, which we kindly ask you to fill in in advance and deliver to our personal moment of your arrival.

Good journey and see you soon!

All Ways Hotel Garden & Leisure

COVID19 Travel infos


To enter and exit the facility, we have created separate routes. You will find them indicated by a very intuitive signage that we ask you to follow. Remember that, when you first enter the facility, you will be asked to deliver the self-certification form that you can find attached. This form is valid for 14 days.


Just before the sliding access door to the reception, you will find a waiting sign. Please respect the invitation and wait at the door for our Staff to arrive to measure your body temperature. In the event of temperatures above 37.5 °, you will be invited by our staff to stay in the shade for a few minutes before taking the measurement again. If the new measurement indicates a temperature higher than 37.5 °, unfortunately we will not be able to let you into the structure.


Before entering the facility and for as long as you stay in the common areas inside the perimeter, please wear your protective mask so that your nose and mouth are completely covered.


Once logged in, please sanitize your hands with the sanitizing gel made available to you in the various columns distributed inside the structure. Our invitation is to use the sanitizing gel whenever you feel the need.


During your stay in All Ways, as indicated by the competent authorities, we ask you to respect the safety distances of one meter from the other guests. This ban does not exist for family members, cohabitants or travel companions with whom you share your room.


If you have not previously sent us your identification document by email, respecting the signs and the safety distances, we ask you to wait for your turn to check-in, following all the indications that will be provided by our staff. If during the check-in and check-out phase there are passages of objects between you and the hotel staff, we invite you to sanitize your hands again.


Upon your arrival at the facility, your room will have been completely sanitized. Remember that the cleaning and restoration of your bedroom, scheduled daily, will only take place when you are not present in the room.


To use the sports services of All Round, in accordance with current regulations, you will need to book your entrance. It will be possible to make a reservation by contacting the All Ways reception staff, who will be able to indicate the time slots and the number of places available to access the different areas of the Sports Center. Upon entering the All Round, it will be necessary to carry out all the checks provided by the Sports Club. We remind you that sport follows its own rules which you will find posted in all areas of All Round. We invite you to follow them so that you can practice the sport you love, safely. For details of each area visit this link

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